Top Properties in Kavala

59.000 €

Apartment 57sqm for sale

Thasos, Ormos Prinou

150.000 €

Single room 120sqm for sale

Eleftheres, Nea Peramos

220.000 €

Detached House 65sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Sotiros

350.000 €

Detached House 100sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Kallirachis

290.000 €

Single room 178sqm for sale


68.000 €

Apartment 53sqm for sale


620.000 €

Detached House 215sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

295.000 €

Villa 120sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Marion

320.000 €

Detached House 230sqm for sale

Kavala, Panagia

400.000 €

Detached House 150sqm for sale


360.000 €

Villa 160sqm for sale

Thasos, Limenaria

1 €

Villa 550sqm for sale

Thasos, Megalos Prinos

160.000 €

Single room 108sqm for sale

Thasos, Potamia

335.000 €

Single room 197sqm for sale

Kavala, Sougioulou

220.000 €

Single room 200sqm for sale


205.000 €

Apartment 135sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

190.000 €

Apartment 110sqm for sale

Kavala, Sougioulou

130.000 €

Apartment 92sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

110.000 €

Detached House 100sqm for sale

Thasos, Kallirachi

200.000 €

Apartment 80sqm for sale

Thasos, Ormos Prinou

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