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410.000 €

Detached House 350sqm for sale

Rethymno, Palia Poli

139.000 €

Apartment 76sqm for sale

Rethymno, Koumpes

120.000 €

Messonete 50sqm for sale

Rethymno, Palia Poli

320.000 €

Apartment 132sqm for sale

Rethymno, Perivolia

285.000 €

Detached House 112sqm for sale

Rethymno, Palia Poli

150.000 €

Messonete 110sqm for sale

Nikiforos Fokas

160.000 €

Apartment 64sqm for sale

Lappa, Karoti

59.000 €

Detached House 175sqm for sale

Rethymno, Armenoi

197.500 €

Villa 117sqm for sale

Arkadi, Skouloufia

299.000 €

Detached House 125sqm for sale

Nikiforos Fokas, Prines

28.000 €

Detached House 95sqm for sale

Nikiforos Fokas, Roustika

55.000 €

Detached House 50sqm for sale

Arkadi, Amnatos

220.000 €

Detached House 206sqm for sale

Rethymno, Palia Poli

60.000 €

Detached House 200sqm for sale

Arkadi, Agios Dimitrios

45.000 €

Apartment 50sqm for sale

Rethymno, Kallithea

115.000 €

Detached House 286sqm for sale

Rethymno, Armenoi

60.000 €

Detached House 120sqm for sale

Lappa, Episkopi

60.000 €

Detached House 100sqm for sale

Arkadi, Pigi

32.000 €

Duplex 23sqm for sale

Rethymno, Platanias

250.000 €

Apartment 135sqm for sale

Rethymno, Kallithea

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