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320.000 €

Messonete 254sqm for sale

Thermi, Neo Rysio

250.000 €

Apartment 130sqm for sale

Thermaikos, Peraia

230.000 €

Detached House 135sqm for sale

Rentina, Stavros

165.000 €

Detached House 125sqm for sale

Rentina, Ano Stavros

700.000 €

Villa 470sqm for sale

Chortiatis, Asvestochori

850.000 €

Detached House 380sqm for sale

Mikra, Trilofo

270.000 €

Detached House 250sqm for sale

Vasilika, Vasilika

260.000 €

Apartment 134sqm for sale

Thermi, Thermi

120.000 €

Messonete 157sqm for sale

Chortiatis, Exochi

200.000 €

Detached House 200sqm for sale

Mikra, kato Sxolari

800.000 €

Detached House 250sqm for sale

Epanomi, Pirgos Epanomis

170.000 €

Apartment 85sqm for sale

Thermi, Thermi

250.000 €

Detached House 150sqm for sale

Thermaikos, Noei Epivates

175.000 €

Messonete 175sqm for sale

Mikra, Trilofo

150.000 €

Messonete 300sqm for sale

Epanomi, Epanomi

199.000 €

Messonete 198sqm for sale

Mikra, kato Sxolari

250.000 €

Building 750sqm for sale

Mikra, Trilofo

175.000 €

Messonete 148sqm for sale

Epanomi, Epanomi

95.000 €

Messonete 118sqm for sale

Mikra, kardia

169.000 €

Detached House 352sqm for sale

Mikra, Plagiari

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