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500.000 €

Hotel 399sqm for sale

Thasos, Koinira

400.000 €

Store 600sqm for sale

Eleftheres, Nea Peramos

200.000 €

Commercial Place 182sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Rachoniou

190.000 €

Store 300sqm for sale

Thasos, Potos

410.000 €

Hotel 340sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Sotiros

2.950.000 €

Hotel 1052sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Rachoniou

1.200.000 €

Hotel 606sqm for sale

Thasos, Chrisi Akti

28.000 €

Business 110sqm for sale


95.000 €

Office 75sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

320.000 €

Commercial Place 240sqm for sale

Thasos, Potos

380.000 €

Hotel 232sqm for sale

Thasos, Chrisi Akti

950.000 €

Business 420sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Rachoniou

200.000 €

Office 136sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

430.000 €

Hotel 280sqm for sale

Thasos, Ormos Prinou

1.250.000 €

Commercial Place 1200sqm for sale

Kavala, Chalkero

1.300.000 €

Business 739sqm for sale

Thasos, Limenaria

230.000 €

Business 95sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Kallirachis

350.000 €

Commercial Place 140sqm for sale

Thasos, Skala Marion

65.000 €

Store 72sqm for sale

Kavala, Agios Ioannis

170.000 €

Store 128sqm for sale

Kavala, Center

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