Top Properties

450.000 €

Other Professional 240sqm for sale

Skala Oropou, Skala Oropou

115.000 €

Office 107sqm for sale


850.000 €

Commercial Place 1400sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Charavgi

650.000 €

Store 260sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Lathea

85.000 €

Mansard 100sqm for sale

Anavyssos, Anavyssos Center

350.000 €

Store 400sqm for sale

Spata, Velanidia

60.000 €

Store 64sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Kentro (Paleo Menidi)

2.100.000 €

Industrial Place 6000sqm for sale

Malakasa, Malakasa

400.000 €

Commercial Place 156sqm for sale

Anavyssos, Mavro Lithari

650.000 €

Warehouse 800sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi)

12.000.000 €

Commercial Place 1200sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Varimpompi

500.000 €

Other Professional 580sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Avliza

850.000 €

Warehouse 1600sqm for sale

Markopoulo Mesogaias

39.000 €

Office 75sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi), Neapoli

950.000 €

Other Professional 915sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi)

550.000 €

Other Professional 352sqm for sale


580.000 €

Warehouse 450sqm for sale

Agios Stefanos, Kentro

280.000 €

Other Professional 400sqm for sale

Acharnes (Menidi)

500.000 €

Other Professional 900sqm for sale


500.000 €

Other Professional 710sqm for sale


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