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88.000 €

Store 73sqm for sale

Nea Ionia

32.000 €

Industrial Place 240sqm for sale

Nea Achialos, Mikrothives

250.000 €

Industrial Place 4040sqm for sale

Volos, Nea Dimitriada

600.000 €

Industrial Place 880sqm for sale

Artemida, Ano Lechonia

1.500.000 €

Industrial Place 1174sqm for sale


220.000 €

Commercial Place 256sqm for sale

Volos, Neapoli

100.000 €

Warehouse 460sqm for sale

Volos, Oxigono

1.100.000 €

Hotel 1017sqm for sale


30.000 €

Warehouse 110sqm for sale

Volos, Chiliadou

680.000 €

Store 370sqm for sale

Volos, Kentro

50.000 €

Store 92sqm for sale

Nea Ionia

600.000 €

Commercial Place 470sqm for sale


230.000 €

Commercial Place 251sqm for sale

Iolkos, Anakasia

950.000 €

Mansard 439sqm for sale

Volos, Metamorphosis

420.000 €

Industrial Place 370sqm for sale

Volos, Palaia

500.000 €

Commercial Place 600sqm for sale

Artemida, Ano Lechonia

72.000 €

Store 100sqm for sale

Nea Ionia

100.000 €

Industrial Place 472sqm for sale

Nea Ionia, Nea Ionia

400.000 €

Industrial Place 620sqm for sale


865.000 €

Hotel 1052sqm for sale

Pilio-Afetes, Kalamaki

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