Top Properties

550.000 €

Hotel 350sqm for sale

Sithonia, Neos Marmaras

5.000.000 €

Hotel 4000sqm for sale

Pallini, Chanioti

500.000 €

Other Professional 425sqm for sale

Kassandra, Nea Fokaia

1.900.000 €

Hotel 1282sqm for sale


600.000 €

Hotel 600sqm for sale

Pallini, Pefkochori

295.000 €

Hotel 307sqm for sale

Pallini, Polychrono

1.550.000 €

Hotel 450sqm for sale

Sithonia, Nikiti

2.500.000 €

Hotel 8600sqm for sale

Sithonia, Neos Marmaras

3.200.000 €

Hotel 2000sqm for sale


2.100.000 €

Hotel 5700sqm for sale

Kassandra, Siviri

156.000 €

Store 134sqm for sale

Kassandra, Skala Fourkas

450.000 €

Other Professional 215sqm for sale

Stageira, Nea Roda

120.000 €

Other Professional 84sqm for sale

Pallini, Chanioti

1.500.000 €

Hotel 700sqm for sale

Sithonia, Neos Marmaras

400.000 €

Industrial Place 1500sqm for sale


1.100.000 €

Hotel 1740sqm for sale

Sithonia, Neos Marmaras

1.000.000 €

Hotel 580sqm for sale

Ormylia, Psakoudia

670.000 €

Commercial Place 1050sqm for sale


1.200.000 €

Industrial Place 1000sqm for sale

Triglia, Elaiochoria

295.000 €

Commercial Place 320sqm for sale

Moudania, Nea Moudania

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