Top Properties

85.000 €

Covered Slot 9361sqm for sale


52.000 €

Covered Slot 171sqm for sale

Korydallos, Ano Korydalos

50.000 €

Covered Slot 130sqm for sale

Piraeus, Agia Sofia

65.000 €

Other Land 150sqm for sale

Keratsini, Charavgi

100.000 €

Covered Slot 200sqm for sale

Piraeus, Kastela

1.700.000 €

Other Land 1262sqm for sale

Keratsini, Amphiali

135.000 €

Covered Slot 134sqm for sale

Piraeus, Pasalimani

250.000 €

Covered Slot 185sqm for sale

Piraeus, Profitis Elias

75.000 €

Covered Slot 164sqm for sale

Drapetsona, Analipsi

265.000 €

Covered Slot 140sqm for sale

Piraeus, Profitis Elias

450.000 €

Covered Slot 9441sqm for sale


73.000 €

Covered Slot 108sqm for sale

Piraeus, Agia Sofia

230.000 €

Covered Slot 371sqm for sale

Piraeus, kaminia

95.000 €

Covered Slot 135sqm for sale

Piraeus, Peiraiki

110.000 €

Other Land 223sqm for sale

Nikaia, Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos

1.200.000 €

Open Slot 80000sqm for sale

Troizinia, Vidi

100.000 €

Covered Slot 252sqm for sale

Nikaia, Neapoli

90.000 €

Covered Slot 164sqm for sale

Piraeus, Tambouria

1.630.000 €

Covered Slot 2721sqm for sale

Agios Ioannis Renti

360.000 €

Covered Slot 212sqm for sale

Piraeus, Peiraiki

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