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100.000 €

Covered Slot 7000sqm for sale


40.000 €

Covered Slot 4020sqm for sale

Makrinitsa, Fitoko

15.000 €

Covered Slot 722sqm for sale

Portaria, Katochori

36.000 €

Open Slot 3984sqm for sale

Pilio-Milies, Kala Nera

34.000 €

Open Slot 4407sqm for sale


74.000 €

Open Slot 8832sqm for sale

Pilio-Argalasti, Lefokastro

24.000 €

Covered Slot 210sqm for sale

Nea Achialos, Kritharia

31.000 €

Covered Slot 2558sqm for sale

Volos, Nees Pagases

80.000 €

Covered Slot 2628sqm for sale

Volos, Nees Pagases

64.000 €

Covered Slot 1558sqm for sale


25.000 €

Open Slot 2850sqm for sale

Pilio-Argalasti, Chorto

26.000 €

Open Slot 1619sqm for sale

Volos, Nees Pagases

35.000 €

Open Slot 4083sqm for sale

Pilio-Argalasti, Metochi

36.000 €

Covered Slot 6785sqm for sale

Volos, Nees Pagases

19.000 €

Open Slot 8806sqm for sale


13.000 €

Open Slot 1233sqm for sale

Pilio-Argalasti, Metochi

70.000 €

Covered Slot 933sqm for sale


44.000 €

Covered Slot 400sqm for sale


29.000 €

Open Slot 12572sqm for sale

Pilio-Afetes, Neochori

89.000 €

Covered Slot 2883sqm for sale

Pilio-Sipiada, Koukoulaiika

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