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135.000 €

Open Slot 26200sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Center

110.000 €

Open Slot 2500sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Center

296.000 €

Open Slot 18000sqm for sale


100.000 €

Open Slot 8500sqm for sale

Aithikoi, Pyrra

130.000 €

Covered Slot 660sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Meteora

60.000 €

Covered Slot 330sqm for sale


420.000 €

Covered Slot 2809sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Meteora

450.000 €

Other Land 4250sqm for sale


63.000 €

Covered Slot 623sqm for sale

Aithikoi, Elati

40.000 €

Open Slot 4324sqm for sale

Aithikoi, Pertouli

90.000 €

Open Slot 45000sqm for sale

Farkadona, Pineiada

50.000 €

Covered Slot 700sqm for sale


700.000 €

Covered Slot 961sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Meteora

75.000 €

COM_IPROPERTY_ 610sqm for sale

Kalampaka, Center

75.000 €

Open Slot 5000sqm for sale


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