Top Properties

1.100.000 €

Open Slot 536426sqm for sale


2.200.000 €

Covered Slot 30000sqm for sale


100.000 €

Covered Slot 4083sqm for sale

Elafonisos, Kato Nisi

1.800.000 €

Covered Slot 14000sqm for sale

Elafonisos, Lefki

100.000 €

Covered Slot 2498sqm for sale

Gytheio, Vathi

49.000 €

Open Slot 8117sqm for sale

Gytheio, Protova

150.000 €

Covered Slot 2027sqm for sale


500.000 €

Open Slot 159000sqm for sale


75.000 €

Open Slot 13000sqm for sale

Oitylo, Oitilo

210.000 €

Covered Slot 5075sqm for sale

Monemvasia, Xifias

215.000 €

Other Land 19374sqm for sale

Oitylo, Areopoli

160.000 €

Open Slot 11500sqm for sale

Gytheio, Mavrovouni

87.000 €

Open Slot 5751sqm for sale

Oitylo, Pirgos Dirou

60.000 €

Covered Slot 960sqm for sale


75.000 €

Open Slot 22161sqm for sale

Gytheio, Karvelas

50.000 €

Covered Slot 670sqm for sale


115.000 €

Other Land 10767sqm for sale

Oitylo, Areopoli

160.000 €

Covered Slot 2353sqm for sale


36.000 €

Open Slot 8441sqm for sale

Gytheio, Mirsini

120.000 €

Covered Slot 4000sqm for sale


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