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370 €

Store 37sqm for rent


950 €

Commercial Place 130sqm for rent

Chania, Koum Kapi

900 €

Office 98sqm for rent


1.300 €

Store 350sqm for rent

Elef. Venizelou

5.500 €

Hotel 500sqm for rent

Nea Kydonia

850 €

Commercial Place 120sqm for rent


800 €

Hotel 90sqm for rent

Chania, Koum Kapi

1.000 €

Commercial Place 190sqm for rent


1.500 €

Hotel 306sqm for rent

Chania, Koum Kapi

1.600 €

Office 345sqm for rent


2.000 €

Other Professional 2025sqm for rent

Elef. Venizelou, Nerokouros

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