Top Properties

1.500.000 €

Hotel 900sqm for sale

Rhodes-Ialyssos, Ialysos

1.200.000 €

Other Professional 260sqm for sale

Astypalaia, Livadia

700.000 €

Other Professional 500sqm for sale

Kos-Irakleides, Antimachia

2.800.000 €

Hotel 850sqm for sale

Astypalaia, Analipsi

2.000.000 €

Hotel 662sqm for sale

Rhodes-Ialyssos, Ixia

2.400.000 €

Hotel 2300sqm for sale

Rhodes-Afantou, Afandou

2.500.000 €

Hotel 3500sqm for sale

Kalymnos, Panormos

5.000.000 €

Hotel 2500sqm for sale

Rhodes-Ialyssos, Ialysos

325.000 €

Store 70sqm for sale

Rhodes Chora

15.000 €

Warehouse 44sqm for sale

Rhodes Chora

235.000 €

Store 221sqm for sale

Kos Chora

12.000 €

Warehouse 36sqm for sale

Rhodes Chora

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