Top Properties

1.000.000 €

Covered Slot 8886sqm for sale


215.000 €

Covered Slot 8500sqm for sale

Corfu Chora (Kerkira)

290.000 €

Covered Slot 5500sqm for sale

Meliteieoi, Prassoudi

550.000 €

Covered Slot 9000sqm for sale

Meliteieoi, Paramonas

150.000 €

Covered Slot 15590sqm for sale

Pareli, Afra

650.000 €

Covered Slot 26000sqm for sale

Korissioi, Boukaris

60.000 €

Covered Slot 1424sqm for sale

Achilleio, Viros

49.000 €

Covered Slot 5000sqm for sale

Esperies, Agnos

80.000 €

Covered Slot 5230sqm for sale

Faiakes, Poulades

148.000 €

Covered Slot 2038sqm for sale

Corfu Chora (Kerkira), Gouvia

120.000 €

Covered Slot 7570sqm for sale

Agios Gewrgios, Kavadades

33.000 €

Covered Slot 1110sqm for sale

Faiakes, Poulades

150.000 €

Covered Slot 645sqm for sale

Corfu Chora (Kerkira), Kanoni

1.500.000 €

Covered Slot 13000sqm for sale

Pareli, Gialiskari

990.000 €

Covered Slot 18000sqm for sale

Lefkimmi, Lefkimi

60.000 €

Covered Slot 6840sqm for sale

Pareli, Agios Ioannis

41.000 €

Covered Slot 6590sqm for sale

Thinalio, Nimfes

50.000 €

Covered Slot 4316sqm for sale

Agios Gewrgios, Arkadades

40.000 €

Covered Slot 4563sqm for sale

Pareli, Gianades

700.000 €

Covered Slot 9422sqm for sale

Korissioi, Perivoli

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